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Project Management Approach

The partner coordinator (KETHEA) is responsible for the management and execution of the project in accordance with a project description. The project manager will work with all interested parties to carry out the project. The project management plan will be examined and approved by all project partners. The partner coordinator is responsible for the financial management of the project in order to address project risks as well as to communicate with the partners on the progress and performance of each project resource.

Project manager

The Project manager will be responsible for facilitating work packages sequencing and estimating duration and resources. The project manager will also create the project schedule and validate the schedule with the project team.

Project Partners 

The partners must implement the action as described in Project Description and in compliance with the provisions of the Agreement and all legal obligations under applicable EU, international, and national law.

Work Package Leaders

The management responsibility for each work package is attributed to the appointed partner, who nominates an individual as Work Package Leader. The WPL is responsible for coordinating the work done by all participants in the work package. The WP Leader submits the WPL progress reports (every 6 months) and presents the work package progress when required. WP Leader reviews all deliverables of the WP, being responsible for their quality. The initial activity of the partnership is to nominate the corresponding Work Package Leaders, as the highest level of technical responsibility within each WP. The WP leaders have been declared from the preparation of the proposal

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